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용태영, Tar Kovalenko (Tarasque)
용태영, Tar Kovalenko (Tarasque)

Tar Kovalenko aka Tarasque
용태영 aka 적룡

S3 formula mostly describes my area of interest

1st "S": STEEL

Over 22 years related to the steel industry.

To name just a few companies from where I get my experience: DMZ, ISTIL, DEMZ, and Donix in Ukraine; “Liepājas Metalurgs”, Latvia & Euhallco Kft., Hungary.



IMAGINEERS - Magazine for entrepreneurs
Tech, startup, and entrepreneur community leader mobilizing diverse stakeholders toward a more dynamic and innovative Asia oriented ecosystem.
イマジニアーズ ••• 이미지니어즈 ••• Imagineers

3d "S": SPORTS

AKAI Brand Management • 아카이 브랜드 관리

Being an AKAI brand ambassador my mission is to build the perfect brand awareness, and consequently - increase in sales of sports furniture, equipment, and activewear.

AKAI Brand Management • 아카이 브랜드 관리

Main Entities

Digital Edge Ventures Inc. USA
Euhallco Kft., Hungary

Main Activities

イマジニアーズ - Imagineers - Le Mag de l'innovation
이미지니어즈 - Imagineers - Le Mag de l'innovation
AKAI Digital Agency
아카이 브랜드 관리 - AKAI Brand Management
英語へのアクセス - Access to English - A2E - Æ
영어 액세스 - Access to English - A2E - Æ
Mission & Vision


My mission is to build IMAGINEERS community focused on innovations, technologies, science, talents, startups & sports. Teleport between America, Europe & Asia. Key players are US, Poland, Ukraine, Korea & Japan.


私の使命は、革新、技術、科学、才能、スタートアップ、そしてスポーツに焦点を当てたIMAGINEERSコミュニティを構築することです。 アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、アジア間のテレポート。 主要プレーヤーは、アメリカ、ウクライナ、ポーランド、ウクライナ、韓国、そして日本です。


제 임무는 혁신, 기술, 과학, 재능, 스타트업 및 스포츠에 중점을 둔 이미지니어즈커뮤니티를 미국과 유럽 및 아시아에 구축하는 것입니다. 주요 대상국은 미국, 폴란드, 우크라이나, 한국, 일본입니다.


Photoshop, Sketch, pixel perfection, customer journey maps, visual language don’t make us designers.
We are designers when we solve problems and contribute to something valuable.


VR is going to hold the lead in 2020, while AR is going to take over in a longer perspective becoming the dominant technology in our daily lives. The most profitable will be AR/AI & AR/IoT.


AI-powered automatic colorization will give revolutionary tools for digital artists (cartoons, films, manga, comics) & common users, allowing them to create unique content for social media.


In today's world of technology, AI and augmented reality are coming together to create a whole new world of business processes & entertainment.


United States

7 Teleport Dr,
Staten Island, NY 10311

+1 212 202 0036


Sofiivs’ka 1/2a,
Kyiv, Ukraine 01001

+380 67 622 8855


for investments & cooperation:


3-12-13, Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0012